AORA is a virtual platform aimed to instill a sense of calm and wellbeing through the curated meeting of architecture, art and sound.
Us and Spaces

3rd March

Our next in-conversation is with Oren Pinhassi (artist), Dr. Helen Pheby (Curator) and Spencer Bailey (Writer).

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March 10

Join us in an inquisitive exchange between leading figures around collection-building.

Ranging from personal to corporate collections, real-life to digital artworks, and emerging to established artists, the internationally-ranged panelists will share their unique viewpoints that guide their cutting-edge approach to building collections.

AORA is a thoughtful, considered and ambitious global platform that seeks to build in the virtual world with soul. Art, architecture and music have proven health benefits from alleviating pain, increasing relaxation, and shortening recovery periods. AORA brings these benefits together and provides a platform, accessible to all, that through the curated meeting of the three, nourishes every individual.