Amy Bernstein

b.1980. Lives and work in Los Angeles. 

Amy Bernstein’s practice explores the possibilities of colour within a limited space. The lack of depth in One in Two Takes allows the artist to play with different shapes and colours across the sprawling canvas. These forms exist in harmony and together are able to maintain their individuality in the way that they are arranged.

Flesh of my Flesh offers darker forms and colours on the white backdrop. The shapes are concentrated towards the middle of the canvas; it is as if they are facing each other.

Amy creates different layers by adding seemingly random shapes of different colours to a purple background. This allows Counted as One to become profound; it is as though it is boundless, like a liminal space reinforced by the thick lines framing the work.

In Icon in Parts, against a bright orange background, the artist has painted colourful and white strokes vertically aligned in the middle of the canvas, with two brushstrokes sweeping diagonally outwards. Her interrogations on forms creates a language exploring the possibilities of colour.

In Blue Painting, Amy Bernstein is more experimental in the forms she paints onto the blue background. Pops of warm colours in various triangular and slope-like figures add to the profundity of the canvas. 

Finally, A Cold War groups an assortment of forms in different colours on a blank canvas. The shapes need each other for context and create for the viewer a harmonious experience.