Betsy Bradley

b.1992 in Bath, UK. 

Betsy Bradley’s combination of neons and pastels create a playful experience for the viewer. Thick dark brushstrokes on organza mix with the dashes of neon. The bright pink in Aurora presents a stark contrast to the grey and white backdrop. 

Sea Loch Plunge presents dark blues and light browns become enmeshed in spiral-like brushstrokes against a coral background. In this manner, Betsy encourages a meditative moment of play that we can often find in her artistic practice. 

Jungle starts off with a layer of complexity. Dark greens, browns and yellows blend together only to be covered by thick pastel pink brushstrokes, bringing harmony to what would otherwise be a chaotic work.

In Unearthed, Betsy Bradley applies moss green strokes to pastel blues and pinks. The soft colours really work in contrast with the dark brushes; they truly add a multidimensionality to the work, allowing an unearthing within the canvas.

In this instance of her series, Betsy Bradley sticks to pastels. The mint and coral pastels dance in harmony on the voile background. Octopus thus again offers the viewer a moment of meditation.

In Fireworks, Betsy Bradley’s exploration of colours results in a cacophony of brushstrokes. What starts as a base of soft pastel brushstrokes, is followed by quicker maroon and neon green strokes. Ultimately, the work is covered in large, vivacious blue etchings which added on to the bottom layers creates a serendipitous effect.