Liz Nielsen

b.1975, in Wisconsin, USA. Lives and works in NYC. 

Liz Nielsen’s practice explores the photographic process. Her works are created without a camera using negatives and light sources. The Warm Stones in this work were ‘painted with light’ in reference to its performative nature and are painted in a warm spectrum of colours ranging from yellow to the darkest of reds, emanating a feeling of warmth.

In opposition to Warm Stones, Water Stones represents disc-like shapes in cold colours ranging from blues to dark greens to purples. The stones are arranged in a semicircle.

The stones in Cool Stones are presented in the same manner as those in Warm Stones – all up against one another – but are painted in the cool colours of the Water Stones – from dark blues to green.

In Window in Time, Liz Nielsen explores the overlaying of discs over the photograph of a coast and using both warm and cooler colours. The outcome is nostalgic, it is like peering at a memory.

In Day at the Lake, Liz creates a scene of a lake using only shapes by exploring her practice of painting with light. She is able to develop depth by manipulating the light.