b.1956, Chile, works in New York. Johannesburg 2026, 2016. Neon on black wall. Dimensions variable Edition of 3+ 2 AP. Lagos 2002, 1991. Lightbox with two color transparencies. 66” x 132” / 167.6 x 335.3 cm. Edition of 2 + 1 AP.

Courtesy of Goodman Gallery.

Representation is a fundamental element in Alfredo’s practice, which is rooted in the belief that images have power over the viewer. In the two works that are on view in AORA, a city in Africa is juxtaposed in relation to other major metropolises in order to emphasize the impact of its presence. Placed on a coordinate plane that is constructed over a ten year timeline, Johannesburg 2026 visualises the city as a contemporary continuum of major ancient trade centers in the African continent – Carthage, Alexandria, Thebes, Gao and Axum. In Lagos 2002, a portrait of smiling men sits next to a list of major contemporary cities, concluding with Lagos in the end. The warm colour of the text corroborates the optimistic feeling radiated from the photographic image. 

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