b. 1976, South Africa. Antaeus In Mid-Air, 2019. Reconfigured map fragments on acrylic- polyurethane ground and canvas. 180 x 220 cm. Courtesy of Goodman Gallery.

‘Antaeus In Mid-Air’ (2019) is a part of Ecstatic Cartography, a series of works made with reconfigured map fragments by Gerhard Marx (b. 1976, South Africa). Rising from the dark background, the structure made with old maps resembles an architectural blueprint mixed with a collage of living moments. As a tool for visual guidance, maps are meant to carry a sense of veracity and functionality, but they become obsolete when changes occur to the landscape that they are delineating. In this work, the map is both a material and metaphor. It shows Gerhard’s interest in exploring the different layers of what we know as truth.

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