b. 1981, United Kingdom. Clouds of Grass, 2020 and Piero, 2020. Ink, acrylic and burn marks on carved plywood. 94.8 x 122.9 cm, 200.7 x 115.9 cm. Courtesy of Seventeen.

Clouds of Grass (2020) and Piero (2020) are two verdant paintings by Gabriel Hartley (b. 1981, United Kingdom) that evoke scenic landscapes. The paintings are constructed with dynamically delineated carvings and burn marks that texturise the canvases. In this process, the vibrant and rich hues of yellow, radiant shades of natural green and blue, and fiery red are brought forward. The layers of marks reflect Gabriel’s objective to create a contemplative experience for the viewer to freely interpret and reinterpret the visual language of his abstract works.

Rise, 2020. Ink, acrylic and burn marks on carved plywood. 298.2 x 147.3 cm. Courtesy of Seventeen.

Rise by Gabriel Hartley strikes a balance between delicate colour and rough texture. The gleaning surface resembles the sands of the beach that are cleared of water and reflect the sunlight. Lavender-tingled hues softly blend with the warm earth tones that span over the canvas. In contrast to the subtle colours, the bold markings that travel up and down the entire painting enrich and complicate the painting. This results in the fusion of seemingly opposing elements- a primary motif of Hartley’s practice.

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