b. 1947, New Delhi, courtesy Nature Morte

  1. Getting Tangled in the Stars, 2015. Mixed media and collage on hand-made paper 96.5 x 127 cm

Numerous shapes, colours, and textures collectively compose a dynamic cosmos in Getting Tangled in the Stars (2015). In this work, Mona placed intricate marks and particles that harmoniously weave in and out of each other. Together, geometrical logic and organic dissonance create a pictorial sense of the galaxy. The dense canvas and its vibrant components eagerly invite the viewer for an immersive experience in the carefully constructed sphere.

2. G+B, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 188 x 213.4 cm

Busily and masterfully placed marks radiantly populate the canvas. In G+B, Mona uses pointillism that deepens her prolific artistic practice as an abstractionist. The bold and sheer harmoniously coexist in the two territories constructed by the artist. Various pigments augment the texture created by the points. The impressions that emerge out of the

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