b. 1983 Poland, Lives in Lisbon. Untitled, 2019. Oil on Canvas. 20 x 31 cm.

Untitled (2019) by Rafal Topolewski is a painting made with soft gestures and pensive tones. Mauve edges and light coral on the center advance from the blue-gray that predominates the colour field. Translucent white layers glide over the surface, giving a sense of depth and motion to the abstract composition. The intention behind the painting was to create a hermetically sealed work, that is, a controlled sphere contrived by Rafal. Such approach gives it a sense of stillness and completeness to his work.

Trunk, 2018. Oil on Canvas. 180 x 130 cm.

Trunk (2018) by Rafal Topolewski is an imaginative domain that fosters a thoughtful approach. The duskiness of the surface is activated by marks that reveal a colorful composition behind the dark layers. The multicoloured surface seeps through, as it is carved out of the dark layer and thus directly exposed, showing how truth can manifest itself in different means. Furthermore, an eye-catching square in the right corner shows Rafal’s interest in building a new space for discussion regarding the deconstruction of truth

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