b. 1982, Singapore. Courtesy Sullivan+Strumpf

  1. In an Aeroplane over the Sea, Ash, 2019. Residue painting, acrylic paint, dye, ink on 300 GSM acid free cotton paper. 140 x 208 cm.

Various hues of turquoise and blue sublimely expand upon a horizon; the freeing vastness of the sea and the sky are both captured in In an Aeroplane over the Sea, Ash. For Dawn’s practice, contemplating the nuances of the passage of time is integral. This painting was created through a process of maneuvered staining and evaporation of melted pigment through large sheets of paper.  By creating works that visualise and hold on to the marks made by time, the artist creates works of remembrance.

2. Time Lost Falling in Love,​ 2020. 4k video.

In Time Lost Falling in Love, erasure is a product of creation rather than destruction. Documenting the complete erosion of select pigment blocks, the timelapse film is a sensible ensemble of colour, movement, sound, and idea. The vast range of hues momentarily reveal themselves throughout the work. They swiftly vanish after leaving a unique and bright trace.

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