b. 1993, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Lives and works in London.

The Shimmer, 2021. Quilted taffeta, satin, cotton, UV print on polyester, batting and thread, 69.5 x 48 cm. Courtesy the artist.

Produced during Adam Boyd’s month-long residency at SÍM, Reykjavík, this series of otherworldly textiles transcribes the abundance of texture, pattern and the mechanisms of light observed in both the wild and urban Icelandic landscape. Textile assemblages stitch together the various strands of the artist’s multiple craft competences, photographic printing processes and 3D scanning technology. The imagery is often stark and alien in nature; freehand machine-stitch drawing has been used to mirror motifs present in the UV-printed elements. The linear pattern created encapsulates batting, producing a quilted effect that invites verification through touch. These objects do not function as quilts, they are of a scale and richness of fracture that, for the artist, is reminiscent of devotional artefacts and incidental ornament observed within sites of faith.

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