b. 1979 Luanda – Angola, lives and works London, Lisbon and Luanda.

SDC 002 (DEONTOLOGICAL CLOTH), 2021. Print on baryta cotton fine art paper rag. 50 x 200 x 2 cm. Courtesy the artist.

Featuring images from archival portraits of laborers, Western religious architecture, and viridescent foliage, Januario Jano’s photographic triptychs address colonial violence. A sense of hypnosis in the middle image suggests a surreal dimension, reflecting the artist’s enthrallment with the hypothesis of a delicate balance between fiction and reality. The black and white images of architecture and bodies add texture and structure to the composition, while commenting on notions of colonial influence through labor and religion, which greatly obfuscate agency and selfhood. The strategic juxtaposition of these images reveal how the natural realm is inevitably at the center of human dynamics.

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