b. 1991, Switzerland, lives and works in London.

Saint Sébastien.ne, the Lilies & the Snake, 2020. Oil on canvas, oak wood frame, 60 x 70cm. Courtesy the artist.

Saint Sébastien.ne, the Lilies & the Snake is a response to the recent pandemic and the social inequality it has exposed. Inspired by Saint Sebastian, the plague patron, the painting depicts medicinal flowers that were the poor’s only remedies to the plague during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In the abstract painterly field by Diane Chappalley, natural forms dissolve into one another. Emerging out of the soft pastel void, figures from nature exist in their own dimensions; the painting has its own agency and narrative that the viewer is invited into, through a specific point of view assigned by the artist. Through evoking this sense of special encounter, she invites the viewers to contemplate on their own relationship with their environments.

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