b. 1992, London, lives and works in London.

Young Hearts Run Free, In the Open Field Near Me, 2021. Digital render, 131 x 299 cm (each pillar). Courtesy the artist.

“But a few scattered across the field walking to the free
play of the saxophonist. I begin to recognize the song he
riffs to and then it fades away. ‘Young hearts, run free,
never be hung up, hung up like my man and me.’

He paces the field as he breathes into his saxophone and I
gaze upon the distant view and the endless green smiling to
his distant melodies that come and go like a gentle wind on
a calm still day.

He doesn’t need an audience, he just continues. Free to
play to his heart’s content and as loud as can be in the open
field near me.”

Navigating through wide open natural spaces nurtures our innate abilities, such as listening and recognising rhythms. In this digital commission, Ana Maria Lima Dimitrijevic has photographed her hand carvings in found wood, which have been virtually wrapped around to form digital sculpture renders of pillars. Ana Maria’s poem, depicted across the series of renders emulating tree trunks with carved love messages found in public spaces, is an ode to the rediscovery of local public green spaces through a musician’s longing for a performance space written during the first COVID-19 lockdown. The sculptures playfully invite viewers to read and walk virtually, helping them to focus on their own rhythm whilst travelling through AORA’s hall. As the viewer takes virtual steps, walking down the length of the space, the rhythm is echoed in the series of renders.

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