b. 1976, Bristol. Lives and works in Bath, UK.

Light More Shiny, 2021. Digital Painting, 330cm x 788cm. Courtesy the artist.

The series created by Hannah Murgatroyd depicts three evolving versions of one image that mirrors the development of her own inner world. In the first drawing, figures fall, catch and escape within a setting of pools and arches. For the digital still in the second work, they are animated, moving in shadows, inhabiting a verdant, quieter world, dissolving between the body’s substance and its surroundings. The figures disappear, colours alter, and the influence of painting digitally makes itself known in the third painting. Reflecting the artist’s new motherhood leading into the lockdown of 2020, the shifting pieces meditate on her observations on how her primal relationship with her child deepened as our usually fast-moving society slowed down.

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