b 1b 1960. lives and works in Chinag Mai, Thailand.

AT 12, 2020. Oil on canvas, 152 x 109 cm. Courtesy the artist and Silverlens.

The three works by Mit Jai Inn demonstrate the vividly mastered use of colour that the artist is renowned for. Through the layers of paint that grant form to saturated blotches and grids, the artist extends a thoughtful invitation to the viewers to react to their realities. Beautiful Future (2016) speaks to the heightened enforcement of political and military control in Thailand while the work was made, which allowed and encouraged the visitors to step on the canvas to leave their footmarks. Communal interrogation is also emphasised in the interwoven, colorful grid in AT 12 (2020), which evokes a ribbon, a symbol of ceremony and festivity across cultures. Across these two paintings and as well as Psychedelic 1 (2020), the artist experiments with creating new senses of tactility and experiences on the canvas, treating it as an ever-moving, expanding field of possibilities.

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