Michael Ho (b.1991, Arnhem, Netherlands) and Chiyan Ho (b.1993, Hertfordshire, UK) Both live and work in London.

三六, 2020. Oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm. Courtesy the artists.

Dialogue and collaboration are at the heart of Michael and Chiyan Ho, an artist duo who often reflect on how contexts shape identity. As second-generation immigrants from China who grew up in predominantly Western structures, culture and self identity are constantly in flux for the artists. This conundrum not only manifests itself in larger themes in selfhood but also in mundane activities, and their paintings are reflective of this state of existence. 三六 addresses the common racial trope of Asians eating dogs, although this is not untrue – it is only a specific region of China which indulges in this particular delicacy and not supported by the majority of people. Through its striking colour and imagery, the work discusses issues of racial slurs faced by Asian diasporic communities and how a complex cultural difference has turned it into a crude racial stereotype.

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