b. 1982, Brazil, lives London. Riser (Água Seca), 2020. Oil on canvas. 200x160cm

The form and dynamism of Riser transmits a sense of congealed mass, attained by the nuanced use of colour, mark making, and abstract figuration. Defined by the pronounced lines, the dark purple assemblage adhesively slopes down. The soft color field that adds depth and spatial logic to the composition is exemplary of Gabriela’s intuitive motif. Together, the tangibility of multifarious elements that exist within the work communicate a physical and bodily sensation.

2. Labyrinth, 2018. Oil on canvas. 180x160cm.

While articulated in abstract terms, Labyrinth evokes figurative and organic sensitivities. The dominant, multilayered gray surface makes room for other elements in the work to fully emerge. Fibrous blue and white hatch-marks dynamically surround the center, wrapping around the bold lines that configure the dominantly sheer abstract plane. As a painter, Gabriela draws from multiple sources of inspiration from anatomy, nature, and quotidian objects. Through her command over paint, the artist creates compact planes that simultaneously build up and separate from each other.

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