b.1985 Israel, lives in New York. (5 Figures) Duo, Sentinel, Magistrate, Untitled, Pink Figure 1, 2020. Steel, plaster, burlap, sand, pigment and shower curtain hooks. 196 x 67 x 67 cm. Courtesy of Edel Assanti

The Crowd is a series of sculptures created by Oren Pinhassi, the finalist for AORA’s virtual open call. Responding to ‘bodies’ as a subject, the freestanding sculptures reveal the artist’s interest in espousing ambiguity through hybridity. Constructed with plaster and sand, the irregular surface and attenuated construction evoke an architectural motif while emphasizing a sense of anatomical tactility. The transfusion of these elements in singular entities represent how the systems that we’ve built such as language, data, and algorithms, engender isolation. Information, when transmitted rapidly and continuously, may hinder us from forming orderly and meaningful connections.

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