The Growing Collective (Members: Eléonore Audi, Albane Duvillier, Gulsah Unal, Hélène Solvay & Stefan Jovanović). The Galactic Greenhouse, 2021. 3-D Modelled Interactive Video. Dimensions Variable. 

In Galactic Greenhouse, digitally created and rendered elements are coherently transfused with watercolour textures. The multilayered visual language of the work bespeaks the conception of the work— an exquisite corpse process, a method of collaborative creation through observation, response, and communication. The coexistence of natural elements and highly architectural motifs allude to  non-linear time and non-geography. A sense of otherworldliness permeates through the rich imagery that populates the work, reflecting the Growing Collective’s vision to give space to imagination. As an interactive environment, the work invites the viewer to wander and explore the space, experiencing the united vision of multiple architects who encourage us to imagine new possible worlds.

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