b. 1985, Hong Kong, works in London. big city life ~ seducing the skyscraper / upending the phallus, 2021. Audio Piece and digital render. Dimensions variable. 

In big city life ~ seducing the skyscraper / upending the phallus Zoë invites the viewer to encounter the phallocentrism of the urban space embodied in the skyscraper. After her prolonged investigation of the mythologies of mermaids in relation to Donna Haraway’s concept of Tentacular thinking, the reference point of urbanism opened a new avenue of research. Observing that historically, the city is simultaneously a space of emancipation and one of restrictions for women, queer people and people of colour. The artist has created an audio piece and a digitally rendered skyscraper that takes you on a surreal journey across the stories of sex, seduction and power, looking at how they are inscribed in the morphologies of the city.

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