Explore food designer Imogen Kwok’s response to Long Ending (Ochre) by David Murphy. The thoughtfully created recipe creatively showcases both materials and methods utilized by David in his works. Join Imogen and David’s conversation about their creative processes. You are welcome to join whether you’ve created the dish or not.

Date: 12th August Time: 7pm BST

Food designer Imogen Kwok created a version of Kanefeh, a dessert made out of shredded phyllo with a creamy filling as a response to Long Ending (Ochre) by exhibiting artist David Murphy. The carefully thought out recipe encompasses numerous facets of David’s work. Hoping to showcase both David’s materials and method in the dish, Imogen’s recipe uses phyllo (kadaif, which is a traditional Middle Eastern grocery item) that is cut into very fine, delicate strands. It comes wound together tightly in a bundle- almost like threads around a spool- to symbolise the fine lines etched into painting and ties into the overarching textile theme.

Imogen finds that the experience of pulling apart each thread of the phyllo is repetitive and time-consuming however ultimately meditative— there is something wonderfully calming about tactile, repeated actions.
This corresponds to the general feel of Long Ending series and David’s creative process that is based on drawing individual lines. Visually, the dish responds to the intricate pattern of the etched marks that come together in a zigzag form reminiscent of perhaps a landscape, sound waves or lines of a wood grain that stood out to Imogen while she was viewing David’s work. Join Imogen and David’s conversation about their creative processes. You are welcome to the talk whether you have created the dish or not. We will send you the recipe once you RSVP.

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