Join the AORA community in building a sequence of yoga inspired shapes to create mindful action led by Jordan Ashley. To be part of Exchange please join our subscription with access to all AORA events.
Movement: AORA II

29th October 7PM BST

In this session we will build a sequence of yoga inspired shapes to create mindful action by linking one shape to the next.

Our practice will begin and close with meditation.

Jordan Ashley

While embracing New York City’s fast-paced and driven yoga culture, Jordan Ashley recognized a need for service-based yoga; a need for experiences which give perspective to the self through selflessness. Feeling extremely blessed to not only be given the opportunity for education, but to have a voice in society, she felt it was imperative to raise both awareness and funds for girls all over the planet who are denied such essential human rights. She is founder of Souljourn Yoga, a company that seeks to create opportunities to explore, practice, and educate through yoga both on and off of the mat by offering a spectrum of workshops, teacher immersions, and global retreats to continue to promote female empowerment and education in communities where equal opportunities aren’t always readily available.

Jordan is core in AORA’s exploration of movement as a form of heeling practice.

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