b. 1973, Wisconsin, United States. Offering,​ 2019. Acrylic on Panel, Hydrocal, Epoxy Clay, Hardware, Marble and Fishing Hook. 160.7 × 116.8 × 7.6 cm

Courtesy of CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions

Evoking a sense of the ancient, Amy’s works contemplate the making of various notions we hold today. Symbolisms that are imbued with connotations that were cultivated over years commonly appear in her works. Through her practice, Amy brings forward the assumptions we gloss over in these traditional western narratives. In Offering, subtly placed marks that delineate the arch-like work and the center of the work evoke a sense of tactility. The texture of this work is a reflection of Amy’s artistic practice that results from applying pressure to images and language.

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