b. 1984, Singapore. Courtesy STPI Gallery.

  1. Edge Control #20, 100m Sprint Intervals, 2018. Acrylic on linen. 60 x 42 x 4.5cm.
  2. Edge Control #28, Mid Section, 2019. Acrylic on linen. 60 x 42 x 4.5cm.

These two works are parts of ‘Edge Control’, a series of paintings by Genevieve Chua. Primarily characterised by their hard-edge and monochrome structure, the series shows the painter’s striking ability to use geometric imagery. As the series coherently yet experimentally evolves, form becomes exploration and expands within the canvas. Coherently and experimentally evolving the series, the painter reveals her conceptual brilliance. The sometimes subtle and sometimes bold changes on the canvas have a dual meaning: evolution or apparent deterioration of a form.

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