b. 1964, United Kingdom. 1. Calcite, 2017 wood, gesso, acrylic, polyurethane, calcite crystal 50x42cm. 2. Earth Notes, 2019 Porcelain, oxides 30x20cm. Courtesy of Copperfield

The distinct visual language of Jane Bustin’s works are formed through exploring the wide variety of contemporary and historic materials and supports, including aluminium, wood, copper, silk, paper, latex, gesso, ceramics and ready-made objects. After a rigorous research process, the artist subverts the tradition of abstraction through the integration of personalization. Despite the flatness of the surface, winsome tactility and warmth emerge from the compositions. In Calcite and Earth Notes, abstract minimalist composition connotes a sense of sentimentality communicated through the tactful use of translucent colour and nuanced utilisation of material.

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